Thank you for stopping in today. We here at The Werewolf Café welcome you if this is your first visit here, and we thank you for your loyalty and patronage if you are a returning visitor. Last full moon was again very exciting for us here at The Werewolf Café. We had a record number of website hits last full moon. We also had some very nice input and emails regarding how this site is starting to shapeshift and take form. We have talked to and emailed quite a few people who we hope will be interested in contributing to this site as well, so we are crossing our fingers on that prospect. We have also been working hard trying to build content for this site, and we have numerous tasks on our project list and still have many things to format and post here that haven't made it onto the site yet, but like I've said before, this site is a work in progress and it will take many full moons to get this site where we want it, but every month there will be more and more on this site and you will see it shapeshift from nothing to something that we hope will be a significant site that pays tribute to werewolves, as well as a site that people enjoy.

We do want to hear from you, so please email us your werewolf art, werewolf stories, werewolf poems, etc. Maybe you have a business and sell werewolf realted items, or maybe you too have a werewolf website that you want to talk about and link to us here. We are open to posting anything werewolf related. Please email us whatever you want us to post here along with any text to post along with it (like a story about what you are emailing in, a dedication to us or a "hello" to fellow readers). Each full moon you will see how this site shapeshifts and takes a stronger form, so enjoy, this is your "neighborweb" cafe and we welcome you and want you to enjoy coming back. Again, thank you for dropping in today, and please drop in at future full moons. Please seriously think about emailing in something cool that's werewolf related, maybe you might want to send in something on a reguar basis, we are open to anything, as we want this to be a fun and significant site someday.

A few things of interest this month:

  1. The movie "Van Helsing" opened on May 7th, and with that came Van Helsing toys! Yes, there is a werewolf toy of the character Velkan, one of him as a man and one of him as the Wolf Man (both in the same package), you can definitely get it at Toys R Us (I did), it is about $6.99 and made by Jakks Pacific Inc.
  2. Because "Van Helsing" was based on the original Universal Studios Monsters, there is also a release of a Universal Studios based Wolf Man toy for about $14.99 (and yes you can get it at Toys R Us also, like I did). This toy set is a set-up with The Wolf Man/Larry Talbot figure, tree, shovel, grave stone, lantern and interchangeable human and werewolf parts (with the human face that looks just like Larry Talbot from the 1941 film "The Wolf Man"). There is a moon dial in the back of the set-up that can be turned to show no moon, a partial moon or a full moon (the full moon glows in the dark too). This toy is also made by Jakks Pacific Inc. also.
  3. The Department 56 "The Wolf Man's Curse" (which is a ceramic Gypsy caravan and Wolf Man set) should be out any day now, as we saw the actual display of it at The Department 56 store in Las Vegas 2 weeks ago.

Some things we are up to: we have been trying to contact numerous people with a werewolf type of edge (authors, actors, costume companies, artists, people with werewolf websites, and etc.). We even had 1,000 stickers and 1,500 business cards printed up with The Werewolf Café logo on them and passed them out to numerous people. One of the local high schools here really likes our logo, and we have been approached a few times because people wanted more of our stickers, that was very cool for us to see. We just had pint glasses made, and we are having shot glasses as well as Mardi Gras beads being made soon (they may be done by the next full moon, after all the artwork is approved). We are actively tring to find people who are interested in werewolves in hopes that this site will be built upon emails from some of the truely interesting people we have found or met, as well as anyone who just happens upon this site. We can't find everyone out there, but if you are interested and want to send something in that can be contributed in building this site, we really want to hear from you. Until the next full moon then, peace...

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