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Season's Greetings From the Werewolf Cafe

Season's Greetings!

Happy Howl-idays and best wishes for a happy and healthy new year in 2007!

From your online werewolf pals here at The Werewolf Cafe


Happy Halloween From All of Us at The Werewolf Cafe

Hang Loose

To all of our student forum members...hang loose and have a great summer vacation!

Hang Loose

Submissions and Articles

If you are interested in submitting an image of werewolf artwork you made, a werewolf story/poem you wrote, etc. that you would like shown on the site for a future full moon phase, please use the "Submit" menu here on the site.

If you have a werewolf film, werewolf book, werewolf comic, werewolf website, etc. that you want to have mentioned on one of the site's menus for a future full moon phase, please use the "Submit" menu and type in everything just the way you'ld like it to appear on the site.

If you are working on a werewolf film, werewolf book, werewolf comic, etc. and would like to be interviewed for an upcoming full moon phase, please use the "Contact" menu and briefly mention your werewolf project and someone will contact you about interview questions.

Special note: The Admin for this site figured out that the archiving boxes aren't grabbing all of the archived articles that there actually on this site, but if you click on the different calendars (by month) on the different menus here, you'll find the older archived articles that are here on the site. Hopefully this problem can be corrected by The Admin at some point.

The Werewolf Cafe's 2nd Birthday

Submitted by: Full Moon

Two years ago, the full moon was on March 6th, 2004, and that was the first day The Werewolf Cafe opened it's doors into cyberspace. On the official 2 year anniversary of that date (which was March 6th, 2006), the site had approximately 341 forum members, 636 forum topics, 63,035 forum posts, 883,864 page loads, 67,906 webhits and was at 6,223 webhits per month. We want to thank all of the great actors, actresses, artists, authors, writers, directors and forum members for all of their support over the past two years. Thank you all so very much! We also want to thank all returning visitors and today's new visitors, as there are so many of you that stop by to check out the site at full moon phases, we thank you!

The Werewolf Cafe is turning 2...

Submitted by: Full Moon

...during the March full moon.

The Werewolf Cafe's Second Birthday

Season's Greetings!

Submitted by: Full Moon 

Season's Greetings!  Happy Holidays!  Thank you for stopping by the site for this full moon phase.  If this is your first visit to the site, we welcome you and thank you for checking it out, we hope you enjoy the site.  If you've been to the site before at a previous full moon phase, we thank you so much for your continued support.  Enjoy the site this month and Happy New Year 2006!

Halloween Entry

Submitted by: Full Moon

The Werewolf Cafe has had a lot of traffic this month due to the Halloween holiday, there must be a lot of people looking up werewolf related things on the internet this month! The forums have really grown over the past month and there are many new werewolf related things that recently came out or will be coming out including movies, books, comics and toys. There are many people who joined the forums on the site who are working on some of these werewolf related projects themselves, so, please feel free to stop by the forums and take a look at topics that may be of interst to you. The forums were redone a few months back, and since then, they have been "tweeked" to make things easier for people to find things. Right now the forums are pretty well set with its new look and layout. If you are a big fan of werewolves, we invite you to join the forums, as there are many werewolf fans on the site interested in werewolf films, books, comics, collectibles and more. Please sign the guestbook and say "hello" before you leave the site today, thank you and enjoy the site! Happy Halloween!


This time of year has always been a point of reflection for me (as it probably is for many people).  During the last three years I have made some major New Year's resolutions (which I've actually kept).  When reflecting back on The Werewolf Café, I would have to say that this site has really been fortunate to have some great forum members and visitors (as can be seen in postings on the "Forum" and "Guest Book" menus).  The Werewolf Café has also been lucky enough to have the support of various talented artists, authors, writers, actors and actresses.  While The Werewolf Café is still a relatively new and unknown site, it is shapeshifting into something significant.  The Werewolf Café, doing better than originally thought possible, will now see its first birthday in March, we'll see what the next year brings.  Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you All!

The Werewolf Café Forums

The forums at The Werewolf Café have definitely proven themselves to be very interesting. The people who have joined the forums and posted have been very cool and very nice, they seem to watch out for and respect each other too, I think that's just awesome. There are some very talented and creative people on the forums. Some forum members are writers, some are artists, others work for famous celebrities, some are up and coming celebrities themselves and some are becoming "internet famous." The forum members have brought forth some very interesting topics, unusal topics, new discoveries, given insight on discussions and/or directed people to get answers to questions that arose. So, if you are really into werewolf related things, please check out the forums and see what I mean, if you like what you see, please consider joining them. Hope you enjoy the site as much as we do, peace to you, and enjoy your full moon visit here.