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Rex The Werewolf

Rex is the werewolf who hangs out over at the website and shows up in some of Sapphire Publications' "Werewolf Magazine" issues.

Thank you Rex and Sapphire Publications for this great picture you sent to The Werewolf Cafe!

Please check out Sapphire Publications' website at and the Sapphire Publications forum on this site here to find out all about their past, current and future projects.

Thank you Rex!

Rex The Werewolf

Chris Scalf

A big "thank you" goes out to artist Chris Scalf for this werewolf sketch that he drew for The Werewolf Cafe. We wanted to let you know that Chris has two websites with many examples of his artwork, one website can be found at and another website can be found at Between the two websites, you will find many examples of Chris's artwork including commercial illustrations, storyboards, graphic design artwork, sketches, paintings and more.

Chris had asked that we post something about "autism awareness" along with his sketch, so we wanted to mention the Autism Society of America website at, the Center for the Study of Autism (CSA) website at, and the Autism Research Institute website at

Thank you so much Chris!

Chris Scalf

The Wagner Werewolf Store

Submited by: slave2moonlight

Hey, Wagner Werewolf fans! Good news! The Wagner Werewolf Store is finally open for business, just in time for Christmas! Now, there are only a few different graphics available so far, but check back often, as I'll be adding more variety to the merchandise as often as possible! I had hoped to have the Wagner Werewolf Christmas and Halloween storybooks available for this year, but time makes fools of us all, so check the store out now and again to see when they finally appear. They're in the works and will surely be available in time for Halloween and Christmas 2006! In the meantime, please show your Wagner Werewolf support by checking the store out and maybe even picking up an item or two! Prices are a bit lower right now for this Grand Opening period! Happy shopping!

Wager Werewolf Store

The Cadre Corner Communique

Jesse "Cadre" Hansen has been kind enough to give us our own forum at his site. For those of you who don't know who Jesse is, he's been featured here before and is quite active in our forums. Allow me to repost from his bio at his forum (hopefully he doesn't mind...there are plenty of links here...):

I am Jesse "Cadre" Hansen, a professional inker currently working with six different publishers including Workhorse. I am the founder of the Cadre Corner, an art studio which focuses on taking talented individuals and helping them get their feet wet. I am using the foot that I have wedged into the professional realm where I got MY foot in the door and hoping that the others will use this opportunity to their advantage and simply break that door down.

Let's see... a bit about myself... hmmm... I am a 30 year old male, married to a beautiful and understanding wife, and am hoping to make a splash in the comic book field.

I am currently working on the following projects:

Cracked Magazine: #365 5 page story... "Bubba gets Cracked"
Workhorse Comics: Hellion #1
Brass Ball Comics: Bubba the Redneck Werewolf #5
Fuzzy Dice Studios/Vicious Circle Project: Forsaken Earth #4 and 5
GraphicIllustions Studios: The Rift #5 (2 pages and concept inks)
Singularity Studios: Gladiators (Online Comic) #1
Redoubt Studios: The West Side #1

Anything else ya like to know, feel free to ask.

Now, how about you?

The Cadre Corner

See mine and others artwork:

Nigel Sade

Fantastic art at Studio de Sade. I personally own a copy of the Recreation of Passarotti's Two-Headed Figure.

Recreation of Passarotti's Two-Headed Figure

Here's what Nigel had to say about the work in an email to the Werewolf Café:

This is a recreation of Bartolomeo Passarotti's Two-headed figure. It is a ~17th century masterwork outlining the two faces of man. The Kindly old gentleman and the Beast. this image show that man is often overshadowed by the beast side of his being. This picture is often regarded as a picture about lycanthropy and the Passarotti had a thing about Werewolves. This piece got Passarotti in a bit of trouble with the church, but nothing as serious as previous artists had to face.

For me this piece marked my decision to become a professional artist. I was taking a class in drawing at Kent State University and our day's project was to recreate a masterwork in the medium that it was originally done. Everyone in the class was picking out their pieces and my professor comes to me and says "here your doing this!" and shoves this book at me ... so what do say to that but "K ..." then get to work. upon finishing the general response to the piece was positive! many liked it better than the original (a fact I blame on just doing a tighter hatching). So I figured that if I can merit a response that positive perhaps I should try and do this art thing professionally ... and the rest is history. 

Nigel Sade

-- Studio de Sade --

MoonHowler Productions

From their website:

MoonHowler Productions is a multi-focus creative company that believes that Halloween can be celebrated everyday. Shake hands with you dark side, embrace you inner spookiness and come inside.

Check them out when you can

Touch the Wookie

Not really a werewolf site...but mutesound is the site of Karim, the man responsible for the new Werewolf Café animated splash screen, which you will be able to view beginning Monday, August 2. Currently there is a wonderfully funny Wookie bouncing up and down on the site that sort of looks like a werewolf, so I guess it's OK for now. sure to touch the wookie for the full effect.

Figured I might as well put it here, for those of you who cansee it...


Here's an email we received recently, hopefully this is useful for our visitors:

Dear Werewolf Café Staff,

We've built a section just for you. We hope you like it.
It is at:

Best Wishes,
Lawrence Kramer
owner of

Darkness in the News

Darkness in the News is dark news compiled from all over the web by our good friend, Sean Francis (you've heard of him mentioned here before). As he puts it, his site is depressing to demented, definately not for young readers. Check it out today.